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Welcome to the Tewksbury Community Pantry

Ways to Make a Donation / Thank You Page

PayPal Donations

 To make a credit card on-line donation, click on the Donate button below and a new window will open taking you to PayPal. This is a very secure and reputable way to make a donation to The Tewksbury Community Food Pantry.  As always your donation is extremely appreciated and you can be confident that all monies go directly to support the pantry in purchasing food for the clients and maintaining our building.

All on-line donors receive a personalized thank you from the pantry either via email or regular mail. When you make a donation through PayPal and would like to include your mailing address, please click the box "Share my mailing address with Tewksbury Community Pantry" so we can mail you a thank you for your generous donation. If you prefer not to include a mailing address, we will send an email thank you.

Cash or Check:

We accept cash donations as well as checks. Please make checks payable to Tewksbury Community Pantry, Inc. and mail to the address below. All donors receive a personalized thank you from the pantry.

Gift Cards:  

We accept store gift card donations.  If donated, we will use these cards to purchase food that will go into client food boxes.  All donors receive a personalized thank you from the pantry. 

Giving Through Stocks:

Consider donating appreciated stock from your investment portfolio.  Please check with your investment company regarding charitable stock donations.  We are happy to talk to you regarding questions you may have about donating stock to the pantry. Please call the pantry and leave a message and someone will get back to you.

Employer Matching Programs:

Many employers offer to match your donation as a way to encourage their employees to support local charitable organizations.  Ask your company if they have a matching gift program and how it works. 

Food Donations
The Pantry makes every effort to provide families and friends with nutritious food that is within its freshness date. We discard food past its expiration date and food in opened boxes. Always consider what you would eat or serve to your family. Donations of non-perishable food may be made at any church in Tewksbury, at the library, several local businesses, or dropped off at the pantry. If you have a significant amountof non-perishable food, please call the Pantry at (978) 858-2273 to arrange a delivery date and time. See below for list of items.


*** Check Expiration Dates ***

Food Items

Peanut Butter, Jelly all flavors, Jam, Fluff
Cold & Hot Cereal
Pancake Mix & Syrup
Pasta, Pasta sauce
Coffee, Tea, Cocoa,
Juices (apple, cranberry, etc)
Flour, Sugar, Oil
Baking Mixes
Mayonnaise, Mustard, Ketchup, Relish
Snacks – crackers, cookies, granola bars
Individual snacks
Boxed or bagged potatoes, rice
Canned Goods (except soups and vegetables)
Baby Food/Diapers
Gluten Free products
Sugar Free Products

Other Items

Dish Soap
Soap, Shampoo, Disposable Razors, Shaving Cream
Tissues, Napkins, Paper Towels
Toilet Paper
Trash bags
Foil, Storage Bags, Saran Wrap
Laundry Detergent
Dryer Sheets

**** NO GLASS - PLEASE ****

Different Types of Donations:

In Memory Of - Make a cash donation in memory of a loved one who has passed away. The pantry is very touched by this thoughtfulness in times of sadness. A thank you is sent to the donor and an acknowledgement letter is sent to the family if a name and address is included with the donation.

In Honor Of - Make a cash donation in honor of something special, such as an anniversary, birthday, graduation, etc. This is a special way to give a gift that helps those in need. All donors receive a personalized thank you from the pantry, however, we do not send acknowledgements for these donations to your loved ones. Since this is a gift to someone special in the form of a donation, please send/give an appropriate card to the honoree honoring the celebration and specify that your gift is a donation to the pantry.

Events - Make a cash or food donation from funds raised at an event such as, family event, office challenges, sports event, holiday events, church related events, etc. Many people have done this and it has been well received. A thank you will be sent to the organizer of the event.

Fundraiser/Food Drives - Conduct a food drive at your school, church, work, organization, etc. See information above about making food donations. A thank you will be sent for all food donations. Please note that we unable to weigh your food at the pantry.  If you need to know how many pounds of food your are donating please weigh it before it is delivered to the pantry or picked up by pantry volunteers. 

Please note: As a non-profit food support organization for those less fortunate in Tewksbury, the Tewksbury Community Pantry generally takes no position on any political or social issues. We are grateful for all the support we get from the Tewksbury community, and we appreciate the creativity many people and groups demonstrate in supporting the pantry. Like many other charitable organizations, the pantry is not necessarily directly involved in the planning of, or the details of how or when people decide to donate to the pantry, and often is the recipient of fundraising donations long after the fundraising event itself has occurred.


There are not enough words to thank everyone who has helped and continues to help the Pantry. The Pantry could not survive without all the kindness, caring and generosity of the citizens, organizations, churches and businesses in and around the community.

Many have asked how the Pantry is doing and how they can help. Whether it is monetary, food and toiletry items, or volunteering, we appreciate and accept all assistance.

One day, perhaps, we will achieve success. Long-term of success for the Pantry will be achieved when no one needs our services any longer. In the short-term however, we continue to thank all of you who have helped in any way to feed those in need as long as the need exists.


"From what we get, we can make a living; 
what we give, however, makes a life.”

Arthur Ashe

American Tennis Player, Activist 

Tewksbury Community Pantry, Inc.
999 Whipple Road
Tewksbury, MA 01876